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6 Reasons To Place Your Order With Me Today

This traffic is a blend of high-quality, hand-picked/selected traffic sources. A blend you simply couldn't achieve on your own, if you were say buying 500 or even 1,000 clicks. (Especially not at our discounted rates).

90% Top Tier Traffic

I only deliver quality T1 Traffic. That's the only traffic that results in conversions.

FRESH Leads Every Day

My suppliers continue to add new subs. You will not get the same visitors over and over.

BUYERS Lists Included

The individual suppliers that I purchase traffic from are incentivized to provide the best leads possible.  

BOT Free Traffic

I clean and filter the traffic before it makes it way to you. You will receive real human traffic all the time.

Not Your Typical Coop

You will not be receiving traffic from traffic exchanges or from sources that just dont convert.

GREAT Customer Support

I am here for you all along the journey. Don't hesitate to hit me up with any questions.

With So Many Different Advertising Options Out There, It Is Getting Increasingly Difficult To Find The Most Effective Sources For Our Business Needs

Reasons To Participate in This Traffic Partnership Program

I make special private deals with solo ad providers and advertising networks and then buy that traffic in bulk at prices lower than what they offer for sale on their site... I pass those savings on to you so YOU get the same traffic but even cheaper than what they sell it for..
I am constantly testing and tracking my results with different traffic sources... and ONLY the best performing ones are used in this partnership... so you get the highest quality traffic possible.
Even the best traffic providers deliver traffic that isn't the quality we expect it to be. By being in this partnership we all share the risk. Imagine you buying a solo ad for $50 and the results were horrible. In that scenario you would be out your $50 without anything to show for it. With the partnership that risk is significantly reduced.
Each month I pull together all funds allocated towards the partnership and get the best deal I possibly can on traffic... all the sites submitted and approved enter a rotator and then I assign the traffic to that rotator. Each share you purchase gets you one spot in the rotator.

Our Order Process

Choose how many shares you wish to buy
Complete Checkout Page
We will review your link and follow up with any questions 
Once link is approved we will send you a tracking link 
Traffic will start flowing in. 

About Our Traffic

Traffic is 95%+ from Tier 1 Countries 
Anti-Fraud measures in place to guarantee traffic quality
Robot Free Traffic, Only real traffic from real visitors
Stats and tracking link provided with every order
Our Providers are hand-picked and fully vetted. 

Choose How Many Shares You Want To Purchase

1 Link - $6.99/month

3 Links - $14.99/month

5 Links - $19.99/month

A Note About Our Traffic:

The traffic that is being offered here is the exact traffic that my business partners and I use in our own affiliate marketing businesses.  When you order traffic from me you can't "expect" to break even immediately let alone turn a profit. It does happen, and it's exciting when it does, but it doesn't happen all the time.

Your email sequence will determine whether you make a profit or not.  Your ability to connect with your new subscribers will determine how successful you are with this traffic.  This traffic works, the providers behind this program are fully vetted and are incentivized to provide high quality traffic that converts. 

Selecting new (but evergreen) & exciting (but proven) offers from reliable vendors that offer really great support will also be key to your profitability, and more importantly, whether you build trust with your subscribers or lose any credibility in their eyes.

If you have any questions or concerns about your email marketing don't hesitate to reach out to us and will help steer you in the right direction.

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